Day 4 in Europe... Belgium

Day 4 in Europe... Belgium

GENT, Belgium – Happy Sunday!! Today was a fairly uneventful day for the travel party. 

We ate breakfast at the hotel on our final morning in Amsterdam before departing for Belgium at 10:00 a.m. It was about a three hour bus ride to Belgium and most of us tried to catch up on some sleep on the ride in.

We arrived at the Marriott in Gent and it was so much different from Amsterdam. The buildings looked the same, but the street that the hotel is on had a different feel. In fact, it was so narrow that the bus could not drive down the street so we had to walk about 500 yards after we unloaded the bus. 

We met just before 3:00 p.m. to head over to lunch and to our surprise, the back exit of the hotel looked nothing like where we entered. When we exited the back way, we came upon a canal and tons of people walking and enjoying lunch outside at the different establishments.

I did notice, however, that there are far fewer bikes that we saw in Amsterdam!!

After lunch, the team had a meeting and did a little video work before we departed for the game against Gent. 

I apologize for no in-game updates but I did not have any internet access. In fact, I could not get power to my computer at this gym. I was able to do the stats with 6-percent of the battery left. Hopefully it was just an issue at this particular gym.

Game two is tomorrow night in Belgium against St. Jan Antwerp at 8:00 p.m. local time. It is also our final day in the city with a tour scheduled for tomorrow morning and perhaps a boat ride on the canal.

Thanks again for all the notes and emails being sent to I hope you are enjoying the updates back home and look forward to writing again tomorrow.