Carr 10th, Dalman 12th On Three-Meter At Zones

Carr 10th, Dalman 12th On Three-Meter At Zones

March 10, 2006

Columbus, Ohio - Senior Thatcher Carr and sophomore Chris Dalman came up short of an NCAA Championship bid on the three-meter board at the NCAA Zone C Qualifying Meet on Friday afternoon in Columbus, as Carr finished 10th with a 602.75 and Dalman in 12th with a 574.

Carr's first two dives of the finals went off without a hitch, as the senior scored 6.5's and 7's on both a forward 3 ½ somersault pike and a 2 1/2 somersault and 1.0 twist pike. A tough showing on the third dive - a 2 ½ reverse somersault - cost the senior crucial points, but he recovered in the final three, finishing with an inward 3 ½ somersault, for a respectable showing.

Dalman also scored numerous 6's in his first five dives, including a forward 3 ½ somersault pike, but his point totals were not enough to qualify.

One-meter diving gets underway on Saturday (March 11) beginning at 11:00 a.m. at the Ron O'Brien Diving Well on the campus of Ohio State.