Cheek and Corba Win Titles at Storm Open

Cheek and Corba Win Titles at Storm Open

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Sophomore Evan Cheek and redshirt junior Nick Corba each took home the title in his respective weight class as nearly a dozen Vikings competed at the Storm Open Saturday at Lake Erie's Jerome T. Osbourne Family Athletic and Wellness Center.

Cheek and Corba led a group of six Vikings that placed among the top six Saturday.

Cheek won all four of his matches at 141 pretty handily to win the title and move his record to 8-3 on the season. A win via a seven-point decision in his first match of the day turned out to be his toughest challenge. He won the quarterfinal by technical fall without yielding a point and then nearly pulled off the same feat in the semifinals with a 15-1 major decision victory over a foe from Kent State. Cheek won the championship bout with an 18-8 major decision win.

Corba won a quartet of matches in the 184-pound weight class to bring home the hardware. He easily advanced to the final with a technical fall shutout, a pin in under 70 seconds and a major decision victory. Corba won the championship bout against an opponent from the host school with a 5-0 decision victory. In doing so, he became the first Viking to reach the double-digit win total on the season with his 10-2 mark.

Freshman Devon Pingel had a strong run at 174, winning three consecutive, to reach the final before falling to Ohio State's Bo Jordan, the top-ranked athlete nationally in that weight class. Pingel began his day with a first-period pin although his semifinal match proved much tougher. The rookie won a 2-1 decision in the first tiebreaker round before succumbing to the returning All-American.

Senior Nick Montgomery placed fourth at 149, as he won three consecutive matches to reach the semifinals. The veteran won by technical fall and then via fall before netting a 6-0 victory in the quarterfinals.

Freshman Spencer Dusi placed fourth at 125 by winning his fifth and sixth matches of the season. After dropping his first match of the day, redshirt junior John Martin won three consecutive matches, all in impressive fashion, to place at the same weight class. Martin won by fall, a 14-point major decision and a second fall in the consolation bracket.

Redshirt senior RJ LaBeef (149) and sophomore John Vaughn (165) each won two matches Saturday with each competitor winning once by pin. LaBeef reached the quarterfinals at his weight class.

Cleveland State will next be in action when it returns to dual action next Sunday, Dec. 11, as it faces Eastern Michigan and Indiana at the former school.

CSU Results at Storm Open

First Round: Spencer Dusi (CSU) over Gage Curry (Unattached) – 6-4 dec.
First Round: Ivan McClay (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over John Martin (CSU) – 14-8 dec.
Quarterfinals: Dusi (CSU) over Jt Ayers (Notre Dame (Ohio)) – 5-4 dec.
Semifinals: Collin Dees (Seton Hill) over Dusi (CSU) – 3-1 dec.
Third Place Match: Kyle Norstrem (Unattached) over Dusi (CSU) – Fall 3:00
Consolation First Round: Martin (CSU) over John Chormann (Mercyhurst) – Fall 3:03
Consolation Quarterfinals: Martin (CSU) over Ayers (Notre Dame (Ohio)) – 18-4 MD
Consolation Semifinals: Martin (CSU) over Isaac Cabrera (Unattached) – Fall 1:49
Fifth Place Match: Curry (Unattached) over Martin (CSU) – 16-0 TF

First Round: Evan Cheek (CSU) – bye
Second Round: Cheek (CSU) over Brandon Tenney (Wheeling Jesuit) – 11-4 dec.
Quarterfinals: Cheek (CSU) over Josh Davis (Lake Erie) – 15-0 TF
Semifinals: Cheek (CSU) over Ethan McCoy (Kent State) – 15-1 MD
Championship: Cheek (CSU) over Drew Walker (Notre Dame (Ohio)) – 18-8 MD

First Round: RJ LaBeef (CSU) over Cole Menck (Davenport) – 8-2 dec.
First Round: Nick Boggs (Lake Erie) over Sam Matzek (CSU) – 14-5 MD
First Round: Nick Montgomery (CSU) over Dakotah Goff (Wheeling Jesuit) – 16-1 TF
Second Round: LaBeef (CSU) over Kollin Clark (Wheeling Jesuit) – Fall 4:27
Second Round: Montgomery (CSU) over Joshua Pappas (Lake Erie) – Fall 1:46
Quarterfinals: Dominick Nania (Wheeling Jesuit) over LaBeef (CSU) – 18-6 MD
Quarterfinals: Montgomery (CSU) over Nick Vestal (Unattached) – 6-0 dec.
Semifinals: Dylan Taylor (Wheeling Jesuit) over Montgomery (CSU) – Fall 2:37
Third Place Match: Nick Boggs (Lake Erie) over Montgomery (CSU) – Inj. 0:00
Consolation First Round: Matzek (CSU) – bye
Consolation Second Round: Ryan Ford (Unattached) over Matzek (CSU) – 12-4 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: Matteos Lozier (Virginia Tech) over LaBeef (CSU) – SV-2 7-5


First Round: John Vaughn (CSU) – bye
Second Round: Vaughn (CSU) over Steven Frazier (Wheeling Jesuit) – Fall 5:24
Quarterfinals: Jared Walker (Kent State) over Vaughn (CSU) 4-1 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Vaughn (CSU) over Anthony Renforth (Wheeling Jesuit) – 7-2 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: Brandon Dyke (Davenport) over Vaughn (CSU) – Inj. 0:00

First Round: Cody Hughes (Unattached) over Chris Morrow (CSU) – 17-5 MD
First Round: Devon Pingel (CSU) – bye
Second Round: Pingel (CSU) over Robert Rivera (Notre Dame (Ohio)) – Fall 2:49
Quarterfinals: Pingel (CSU) over Austin Vannatter (Davenport) – FF
Semifinals: Pingel (CSU) over Jesse Palser (Lake Erie) – TB-1 2-1
Championship: Bo Jordan (Ohio State) over Pingel (CSU) – 20-5 TF
Consolation First Round: Morrow (CSU) – bye
Consolation Second Round: Morrow (CSU) over Seth Petarra (Unattached) – Fall 1:18
Consolation Third Round: Anthiny Dailey (Notre Dame (Ohio)) over Morrow (CSU) – 8-1 dec.


First Round: Nick Corba (CSU) – bye
Second Round: Corba (CSU) over Abraham Correa-Medina (Unattached) – 19-0 TF
Quarterfinals: Corba (CSU) over Nate Hall (Ohio) – Fall 1:03
Semifinals: Corba (CSU) over Emillio Fowler (Notre Dame (Ohio)) – 11-3 MD
Championship: Corba (CSU) over Tyler Hughes (Lake Erie) – 5-0 dec.


First Round: Aj Jones (Unattached) over Collin Kelly (CSU) – 11-5 dec.
Consolation First Round: Gunner Loughman (Gannon) over Kelly (CSU) – 12-0 MD