Kelbly Takes First, Eight Vikings Place at EMU Open

Kelbly Takes First, Eight Vikings Place at EMU Open

YPSILANTI, Mich. - Freshman John Kelbly led a group of eight Vikings that placed among the top six as the Cleveland State University wrestling team competed at Eastern Michigan's EMU Open Saturday at the Convocation Center.

Kelbly went unbeaten in the Freshman/Sophomore bracket at 197 pounds to claim the title. All three of his wins were of the bonus-point variety.

Kelbly dominated his way to the final, pinning his first opponent in 31 seconds before pinning his next opponent, from fellow conference foe Edinboro, in under two minutes. He claimed his first collegiate title by posting a 15-7 major decision victory over an opponent competing unattached from a Big Ten school.

Redshirt sophomore Caleb Stockmaster (174) and redshirt freshman Ryan Ford (Freshman/Sophomore 149) both posted runner-up finishes for CSU Saturday.

Stockmaster used a 14-4 major over an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent and an 8-6 decision over a Northern Illinois foe to reach the final before dropping his bout to an opponent from Navy.

Ford topped a pair of wrestlers from Edinboro via decision en route to the finals, where he dropped a 7-3 decision.

Redshirt seniors Nick Corba (184) and Gabe Stark (174) tied for the team high in wins on the day. Both Vikings went 4-1 Saturday and placed fifth, as athletes in the consolation brackets were not able to wrestle back for third place.

After winning his first match, Corba dropped a four-point decision in the second round. He rebounded by winning his final three matches, including a technical fall victory over an ACC foe and a pin in the fifth-place bout.

Stark lost his first match of the day to an opponent competing unattached from an ACC school. He won each of his remaining matches, beginning with a pair of wins via decision over foes from Pittsburgh. Stark then pinned an opponent from the host school before winning by six points in the fifth-place match.

Junior John Vaughn had a pair of wins over Big Ten opponents en route to a fourth-place finish at 165 pounds, as he topped foes from Michigan State and Ohio State. He dropped his semifinal bout by two points to an opponent from Navy and fell in a tiebreaker period in the third-place bout.

Redshirt junior Andrew Coghill (133) and true freshman Georgio Poullas (Freshman/Sophomore 157) both notched a pair of wins Saturday with the former pinning a conference opponent. Coghill placed sixth and Poullas was third.

True freshman Drew Fairbanks picked up a win via pin at the Freshman/Sophomore 141-pound weight class.

With two open events complete, Cleveland State will open dual action Tuesday, Nov. 22, with the Thanksgiving Throwdown. CSU will compete against host Ohio State along with Kent State in a continuous tri-dual format.

CSU Results at the EMU Open

Open 125
Quarterfinals: Sean Russell (Edinboro) over Cameron Lathem (CSU) - Fall 3:38
Consolation Semifinals: Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) over Lathem (CSU) - 21-5 tf

Open 133
First Round: Michael Stewart (Findlay) over Andrew Coghill (CSU) - 4-1 dec.
Consolation First Round: Coghill (CSU) - bye
Consolation Quarterfinals: Coghill (CSU) over Avery Henry (Edinboro) - Fall 0:35
Consolation Semifinals: Coghill (CSU) over Matt Santos (Michigan State) - M. For.
Fifth-Place Match: Deven Perez (Central Michigan) over Coghill (CSU) - 18-1 TF

Open 141
First Round: Alex Hrisopoulos (Michigan State) over Sam Matzek (CSU) - 18-4 MD
Consolation First Round: Chris Poland (Eastern Michigan) over Matzek (CSU) - 7-2 dec.

Open 149
First Round: Grant Turnmire (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: Jwan Britton (Michigan State) over Turnmire (CSU) - 14-2 MDT
Consolation Quarterfinals: Turnmire (CSU) - bye
Consolation Semifinals: Tyler Meisinger (Michgian) over Turnmire (CSU) - 20-1 TF

Open 157
First Round: Ryan Montgomery (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Jake Tucker (Michigan State) over Montgomery (CSU) - 6-1 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Montgomery (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: James Wimer (Findlay) over Montgomery (CSU) - 10-5 dec.

Open 165
First Round: John Vaughn (CSU) over Gary Ritchie (Michigan State) - 7-6 dec.
Quarterfinals: Vaughn (CSU) over Anthony DeCarlo (Ohio State) - 3-2 dec.
Semifinals: Drew Daniels (Navy) over Vaughn (CSU) - 4-2 dec.
Third-Place Match: Kenny Moore (Unattached) over Vaughn (CSU) - 3-2 TB-1

Open 174
First Round: Quinton Rosser (Northern Illinois) over Colton Carroll (CSU) - 12-2 MD
First Round: Devin Kane (Unattached) over Gabe Stark (CSU) - 17-8 MD
First Round: Caleb Stockmaster (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: Stockmaster (CSU) over Tommy O'Brien (Pitt) - 14-4 MD
Semifinals: Stockmaster (CSU) over Quinton Rosser (Northern Illinois) - 8-6 dec.
Final: AJ Alford (Navy) over Stockmaster (CSU) - 18-2 TF
Consolation First Round: Hunter Rollins (Central Michigan) over Carroll (CSU) - 8-3 dec.
Consolation First Round: Stark (CSU) over Cameron Jacobson (Pittsburgh) - 5-2 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Stark (CSU) over Tommy O'Brien (Pittsburgh) - 5-2 dec.
Consolation Semifinals: Stark (CSU) over Jared Leidich (Eastern Michigan) - Fall 4:51
Fifth-Place Match: Stark (CSU) over Hunter Rollins (Central Michigan) - 8-2 dec.

Open 184
First Round: Nick Corba (CSU) over Bradley Metz (Findlay) - 2-1 dec.
Quarterfinals: Cameron Caffey (Unattached) over Corba (CSU) - 10-6 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Corba (CSU) over Bryce Gorman (Northern Illinois) - M. For.
Consolation Semifinals: Corba (CSU) over Zach Bruce (Pittsburgh) - 15-0 TF
Fifth-Place Match: Corba (CSU) over Bradley Metz (Findlay) - Fall 8:36

Open 285
First Round: Mimmo Lytle (Findlay) over Collin Kelly (CSU) - 5-3 dec.
Consolation First Round: Christian Rebottaro (Michigan State) over Kelly (CSU) - 5-1 dec.

Freshman/Sophomore 141
First Round: Andrew Fairbanks (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Parker Filius (Unattached) over Fairbanks (CSU) - Fall 1:59
Consolation Second Round: Fairbanks (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Fairbanks (CSU) over Andy Hansen (Davenport) - Fall 1:56
Consolation Semifinals: Breyden Bailey (Unattached) over Fairbanks (CSU) - 9-2 dec.

Freshman/Sophomore 149
First Round: Ryan Ford (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: Ford (CSU) over Chris Matzke (Edinboro) - 5-3 dec.
Semifinals: Ford (CSU) over Matt Dowler (Edinboro) - 8-5 dec.
Final: Tanner Smith (Unattached) over Ford (CSU) - 7-3 dec.

Freshman/Sophomore 157
Quarterfinals: Georgio Poullas (CSU) over Elijah Davis (Unattached) - 7-2 dec.
Semifinals: Mason Kauffman (Unattached) over Poullas (CSU) - 5-2 dec.
Third-Place Match: Poullas (CSU) over Brady Barnett (Unattached) - M. For.

Freshman/Sophomore 197
First Round: John Kelbly (CSU) - bye
Quarterfinals: Kelbly (CSU) over Jacob Holmes (Davenport) - Fall 0:31
Semifinals: Kelbly (CSU) over Aaron Paddock (Edinboro) - Fall 1:37
Final: Kelbly (CSU) over JT Correll (Unattached) - 15-7 MD