CSU Hosts Annual Cleveland State Open

CSU Hosts Annual Cleveland State Open

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Six members of the Cleveland State University wrestling team won multiple matches as the Vikings hosted the 13th annual Cleveland State Open Saturday inside Woodling Gymnasium.

After winning the Storm Open in his last tournament-style event, redshirt sophomore Caleb Stockmaster won his first two matches Saturday to reach the quarterfinals at 174 pounds. He then would drop his next bout to an opponent from Ohio State by only three points. After advancing through his first consolation match, he came up short in a 2-1 decision to end his day. Nonetheless, he now owns 11 wins this season.

Redshirt freshman Colton Carroll, redshirt senior Nick Corba and redshirt freshman Ryan Ford all won two matches via pin Saturday.

Carroll dropped his first match of the day at 174 pounds to his opponent from Ohio State but then rebounded by winning his first two consolation matches via fall. He came up short in his third consolation match to an opponent competing unattached from a Big Ten school.

Corba, who entered the day with a team-leading 14 wins, easily took care of business in his opening two matches at 184 pounds, pinning his two foes in under five minutes combined. Unfortunately, a medical issue then cropped up, forcing him into medical forfeits in his next two bouts.

Ford pinned two athletes on Division I rosters in the 149-pound bracket with his loss in the second round coming to the eventual champion. Like Carroll, Ford also picked up his first-ever pins in a CSU uniform.

True freshman John Kelbly was one of four Vikings to reach the quarterfinals at his weight class as he did so at 197 pounds. He scored a combined 21 points in winning his opening two bouts. He dropped a slim, 4-3, decision in the quarterfinals before losing to a Big Ten foe competing unattached in the consolation portion.

Sophomore Collin Kelly came up five points short to his Ohio State opponent in his opening match of the day. He would come back with a technical fall win in his first consolation bout before gutting out a 3-1 win over a Michigan State opponent in his next match. His day came to an end when he lost to a Big Ten athlete competing unattached in his third consolation match.

Redshirt freshman Cameron Lathem posted a pin over a Big Ten opponent at 125 pounds while true freshman Georgio Poullas defeated an Atlantic Coast Conference foe at 165 pounds. Lathem lost to the eventual champion in the quarterfinals.

Sophomore Chris Morrow (184) and redshirt freshman Mike Santillo (133) each picked up one win Saturday as well.

No team scores were kept at the event.

Cleveland State will resume action on the first two days of 2018 as it competes at the prestigious Southern Scuffle event.

CSU Results at the Cleveland State Open

First Round: Cameron Lathem (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Lathem (CSU) over Seth Horty (Indiana) - Fall 4:47
Quarterfinals: Jake Ferri (Unattached) over Lathem (CSU) - 10-2 MD
Consolation Quarterfinals: Brock Bergelin (Unattached) over Lathem (CSU) - Fall 2:43

First Round: Mike Santillo (CSU) over Seth Hayes (Mount Union) - 15-6 MD
Second Round: Noah Baughman (Unattached) over Santillo (CSU) - 18-3 TF
Consolation Second Round: Kyran Hagan (Unattached) over Santillo (CSU) - 15-0 TF

First Round: Nick Henneman (Unattached) over Sam Matzek (CSU) - 19-3 TF
Consolation First Round: Anthony Brito (Unattached) over Matzek (CSU) - 3-1 dec.

First Round: Drew Fairbanks (CSU) - bye
First Round: Ryan Ford (CSU) over Trey Grenier (Unattached) - Fall 0:55
First Round: Grant Turnmire (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Mason Wallace (Unattached) over Fairbanks (CSU) - Fall 6:45
Second Round: Tanner Smith (Unattached) over Ford (CSU) - Fall 3:33
Second Round: Moises Guillen (Unattached) over Turnmire (CSU) - 7-5 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Fairbanks (CSU) - bye
Consolation Second Round: Ford (CSU) over Justin Mason (Unattached) - Fall 3:52
Consolation Second Round: Turnmire (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Sam Meddings (Unattached) over Fairbanks (CSU) - 14-6 MD
Consolation Third Round: Nolan Saxton (Central Michigan) over Ford (CSU) - Fall 1:24
Consolation Third Round: Luke Raczkowski (Central Michigan) over Turnmire (CSU) - 10-8 dec.

First Round: Ryan Montgomery (CSU) - bye
Second Round: Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) over Montgomery (CSU) - Fall 3:35
Consolation Second Round: Montgomery (CSU) - bye
Consolation Third Round: Angel Najar (Appalachian State) over Montgomery (CSU) - 6-0 dec.

First Round: Georgio Poullas (CSU) over Nathan Russell (Pittsburgh) - 4-2 dec.
Second Round: Brett Stein (Gardner-Webb) over Poullas (CSU) - 9-4 dec.
Consolation Second Round: Austin Hiles (Michigan State) over Poullas (CSU) - Fall 5:59

First Round: Ryan Ferro (Ohio State) over Colton Carroll (CSU) - Fall 2:27
First Round: Caleb Stockmaster (CSU) over Jake Lanning (Unattached) - 10-5 dec.
Second Round: Stockmaster (CSU) over Taylor Cahill (Clarion) - 4-2 TB-1
Quarterfinals: Kaleb Romero (Unattached) over Stockmaster (CSU) - 6-3 dec.
Consolation First Round: Carroll (CSU) over Hunter Rollins (Central Michigan) - Fall 3:39
Consolation Second Round: Carroll (CSU) over Adrian Cervantes (Joliet Junior College) - Fall 2:35
Consolation Third Round: Tyler Morland (Unattached) over Carroll (CSU) - Fall 1:48
Consolation Quarterfinals: Stockmaster (CSU) over Tyler Morland (Unattached) - MFF
Consolation Semifinals: Christian Dietrich (Unattached) over Stockmaster (CSU) - 2-1 dec.

First Round: Nick Corba (CSU) over Quentin Ellis (Mercyhurst North East) - Fall 0:45
First Round: Jake Walker (Ohio) over Chris Morrow (CSU) - 5-2 dec.
Second Round: Corba (CSU) over Kyle Davis (Unattached) - Fall 3:20
Quarterfinals: Nino Bonaccorsi (Unattached) over Corba (CSU) - MFF
Consolation First Round: Morrow (CSU) over Noah Upchurch (Joliet Junior College) - 12-3 MD
Consolation Second Round: Cole Graves (Gardner-Webb) over Morrow (CSU) - 3-1 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Danny Kruse (Michigan State) over Corba (CSU) - MFF

First Round: John Kelbly (CSU) over Cole Nye (Unattached) - 8-6 SV-1
Second Round: Kelbly (CSU) over Paul Carson (Appalachian State) - 13-9 dec.
Quarterfinals: Anthony Perrine (Gardner-Webb) over Kelbly (CSU) - 4-3 dec.
Consolation Quarterfinals: Brad Wilton (Unattached) over Kelbly (CSU) - 7-2 dec.

First Round: Gary Traub (Ohio State) over Collin Kelly (CSU) - 7-2 dec.
Consolation First Round: Kelly (CSU) over Brandon Gray (Mount Union) - 20-5 TF
Consolation Second Round: Kelly (CSU) over Matt Lloyd (Michigan State) - 3-1 dec.
Consolation Third Round: Zachery Nemec (Unattached) over Kelly (CSU) - Fall 4:21