Goff Now At 98 Career Wins

Goff Now At 98 Career Wins

Jan. 31, 2009

Contact: Ryan Mulford

Cleveland, Ohio - Rashard Goff earns his 98th career victory and the lone Viking win of the meet, in a 36-3 loss to Bloomsburg on Saturday (1/31) in the Woodling Gymnasium.

The Huskies improve to 6-7-1 overall and 2-2 in league action, while the Vikings fall to 4-10 overall and 0-3 in league action.

Today's dual meet began at heavyweight with Rashard Goff hammering out his 98th career win in a hard fought match against Zachary Walsh.

After two scoreless periods, Goff started the third in the bottom position and quickly took charge. Goff wasted no time escaping and then shooting in and scoring on a single leg takedown giving him a three-point lead with riding time. Goff was able to keep control and win his 26th match of the season by a score of 4-1.

The Vikings were once again doomed by narrow losses on three separate occasions.

Rob Michaels and Jordan Keller both lost by 4-2 score, while Antonio Nicholson dropped a close 5-2 score.

In a high action first period, Rob Michaels scored first on a single leg takedown, but allowed Rick Schmelyun to score a reversal and two near falls points, giving him a 4-2 lead, which proved to be all that was needed.

Jordan Keller had the lead at 2-2 with riding time advantage late in the third period however, Moser was able to score a takedown in the final 10 seconds, giving him a 4-2 win.

Antonio Nicholson was once again involved in a close match. Trailing by four late in the second period, Nicholson scored two separate escapes to narrow the score to two at 4-2 but lost his second straight match by three points or less.

The Vikings return to action on Friday, February 6 when they travel to Edinboro, Pennsylvania to battle the Fighting Scots. Action is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. in the McComb Fieldhouse on the campus of Edinboro University.

CSU 3 Bloomsburg 36

197: Jesse Hasseman (B) wins by forfeit; 6-0
HWT: Rashard Goff (CSU) 4-1 Dec. Zachary Walsh (B); 6-3
125: Ian Mosler (B) 4-2 Dec Jordan Keller (CSU); 9-3
133: Jeremiah Biddle (B) Fall, 2:31 Josh Palivoda (CSU); 15-3
141: Richard Donald (B) 5-0 Dec.Lawrence Cavello (CSU); 18-3
149: George Hickman (B) 5-2 Dec. Antonio Nicholson (CSU); 21-3
157: Matt Moley (B) 12-1 Mdec. Corey Carlo (CSU); 25-3
165: Rick Schmelyun (B) 4-2 Dec.Rob Michaels (CSU); 28-3
174: Nathan Graham (B) 21-6 Technical Fall Derek Cummins (CSU); 33-3
184: Brian Shaw (B) 7-1 Dec. JT Miller (CSU); 36-3